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Israel Celebrates the Feast of Esther

This week marks the Feast of Esther, celebrated by Jews around the world. As recorded in the book of Esther in the Bible, Mordeccai the Jew stood out in his generation because he refused to do what everyone else was doing - bowing down to Haman. As a result, Mordeccai was subjected to great pressure, including a direct threat of the annihilation of his people.

If Mordeccai wouldn't have resisted Haman, and had instead appeased him by bowing down, Haman may have never devised his evil plan to annihilate the Jewish people.

However, Mordeccai chose to honor God, even at the price of tremendous pressure faced by him and his people. Through this pressure, God demonstrated his faithfulness to those who stubbornly walk against the tide of this world.

Do you stand out in your generation? Are there certain things that you stubbornly refuse to do, even when everyone else engages in these things without a second thought? God will surey demonstrate his faithfulness in your life, as he did for Mordeccai and continues to do for the Jewish people.